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FAQ about compression stockings

We get a lot of questions about delivery and sizes. Here are answers to the most common.

I am pregnant and need pantyhose. When I look at the size table should I use my current weight or the weight before I got pregnant?

Use the weight you had before you became pregnant.

I want to buy pantyhose/stay-up. When I look at the size table I get confused because my ancle is size medium (2) but my length/weight is size XL (4). What should I choose?

You should choose size XL (4) in pantyhose and stay-up, otherwise the stockings will be to short. However, be aware that the compression around the ancle will be somewhat less than what is stated (since your ancle is thinner than size 4).

This is not a problem if you want to prevent swollen legs, light varicose veins or need compression when you stand up at work. But if you have been recommended compression stockings by your doctor or need compression stockings because of medical reasons you should contact your doctor to get advice.

How long does it take before I get my products.

All orders made before 15.00 are shipped the same day. In Sweden they arrive the day after. Denmark, Norway, Finland normally 2-3 days after we ship. UK, Germany and France normally 3-6 days.  Outside Europe expect 6-16 days for delivery.

I need more information, can I call you?

Yes, of course. From abroad call +46 8 27 88 50. We speak Swedish and English. If we do not answer, please leave a message and we will call you back as soon as we can. 

If you have any further information please e-mail: info@butik21.com (which is our preferred way of communication since we can link to products, enclose size tables and answer from anywhere). We always answer question in English within 24 hours.