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Contraindications: Who should not wear compression? 

People with arterial insufficiency (circulatory disorders of the arteries) should generally not wear support stockings or compression stockings.

Diabetics should always consult their doctor before trying compression, because there are specially adapted diabetic socks, which are usually more appropriate than ordinary support stockings or compression stockings. Diabetics with neuropathy should never wear support stockings or compression stockings. 

People with consecutive heart failure (weakness of the right side of the heart) should never wear compression or support stockings.

Individuals with dermatitis (skin diseases) or with secretions or infections of the skin such as weeping eczema or other weeping wounds on their legs should generally not wear compression stockings.  

At night in bed, you should generally not wear support stockings or compression stockings, unless specifically instructed by your doctor. This is because the skin can breathe better without them and when you are outstretched in bed, there is a lot less pressure on your legs already compared to when you are sitting or standing. Thus, your legs usually do not need the extra support of compression socks, unless advised by your doctor. If you have any doubts or concerns, please speak to your doctor.

If you allergic to one of the materials used in the compression stockings, you should not wear them. If you suffer an unexpected allergic reaction while wearing compression stockings, please consult your doctor.

Healthy people can wear support stockings with mild compression and of compression class 1. Before trying compression stockings of class 2 or above, please consult your doctor. 

IMPORTANT! If you have any doubts, talk to your doctor. Always listen to your doctor and follow his advice exclusively! If you were prescribed support stockings or compression stockings, use only the type, style and compression level that you were prescribed.

We are no doctors! So although we always strive for accuracy and completeness, errors and omissions may have occurred in our texts and for this and for any other side effects of our products, we assume no liability.