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Compression stockings and the measure mmHg 

Compression stockings have a measure called mmHg and we sometimes get questions about what it means.

Compression stockings are mostly constructed using elastic fibers or rubber. These fibers help compress the limb, aiding in circulation. This compression is measured in mmHg.

Hg stands for mercury (Latin name Hydrargyru) and mm for millimeters. The measure originates from how many millimeters the mercury would rise when the air pressure changed. The unit of pressure is very complex but the interested reader can find more information here http://www.sizes.com/units/mmHg.htm

For the user of compression stocking the only important thing to know is that the more mmHg the more pressure. For what pressure to use please read under each about compression stockings here http://www.butik21.com/en/page/about-compression-stockings.php